Specializing in Single Cell Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Epigenomics

Specializing in Single Cell Genomics,  Transcriptomics, and Epigenomics

AccuSomatic Amplification for Single Cell Sequencing enables the discovery of true somatic single nucleotide variations (SNVs) in single cells that could not be accurately detected by any prior method. The existing methods suffer from multiple sources of artifacts resulting in more than 20,000 false somatic SNV calls per cell and >90% false-positive results.

AccuSomatic Amplification eliminates >99% of errors in somatic SNV calls while maintaining the same detection sensitivity. Our unique service enables researchers to unlock the full potential of single-cell sequencing in disease research and drug development for the first time.


Single-cell RNA-Seq enables the study of cell-to-cell transcriptome heterogeneity, which opens a new field in biology. Singulomics Corporation is highly experienced in a high-throughput single cell and single nucleus RNA sequencing and data analysis using the 10x Genomics Chromium platform for fresh/frozen cells and frozen tissue samples.

Our workflow incorporates dead cell removal or nuclei isolation depending on the sample type and quality to ensure optimal results. We have successfully conducted single nucleus RNA-Seq for a wide variety of tissue types and tissue biopsies. To enable the discovery of single-cell transcriptomes at a deeper level, we also offer deep single-cell RNA-Seq services for individual cells and ultra-low-input RNA samples.


Single-cell ATAC Sequencing is a technique used to determine genome-wide chromatin accessibility at the single-cell level. With single-cell ATAC-Seq, chromatin profiling of large numbers of nuclei can be performed in parallel, resulting in fast, accurate epigenomic profiling. Using the industry-leading Chromium Single-Cell ATAC Solution from 10x Genomics, our PhD-level scientists and bioinformaticians can analyze thousands of nuclei per run at single-cell resolution. In combination with Single-Cell RNA-Seq, our end-to-end services and integrated analysis enable researchers to link input regulatory signals with their output gene expression at the single-cell level.


Single-cell whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) is a developing field first reported in 2015. This allows the detection of DNA methylation from a single cell. We are the only commercial service provider for single-cell WGBS service, and our protocol has achieved top-quality results, enabling epigenetic studies at the single-cell level. Our protocol has been applied to >200 single cells, covering > 1 million C’s on CpG sites per cell with >0.99 bisulfite conversion rate.


Analyzing copy number variation (CNV) at the single-cell level allows for cellular heterogeneity and clonal structure to be determined at high scale and resolution. As a pioneer in the field of single-cell analysis, we have a highly experienced team that can lend their expertise to your project to ensure high-quality results.

We utilize the cutting-edge 10x Genomics Chromium platform to provide Single-Cell CNV analysis. Each profile consists of hundreds to thousands of cells per sample and detects CNVs at 2 Mb resolution. Singulomics Corporation offers a comprehensive solution, from amplification to sequencing to data analysis and visualization.


Bulk RNA-Seq measures the average gene expression levels by summing over the population of cells in complex tissues. Gene expression analyses of bulk tissues often ignore cell type composition as an important confounding factor, resulting in loss of signal from rare cell types and bias towards dominant cell types. By using cell-type-specific gene expression references from single-cell studies, we can now characterize the variation of cell-type composition for disease-relevant tissues by in silico deconvolution of bulk RNA-Seq data. It also helps in identifying genes differentially expressed due to clinical conditions without bias from cell type proportion differences.

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